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Auralic Aries digital bridge set to hit the streets

Have you ever kept your computer in a room that wasn’t the same location as your audio rig and wished there was a way to seamlessly connect to the two? The new Auralic Aries aims to bring the solve for that digital conundrum as a music streamer and digital bridge for your music library. Its not a DAC (outputs are digital only) but the Aries can be easily paired with their outstanding [VEGA digital processor].

An big additional key feature is its ability to control playback from an iPad or iPhone from its own Lighting DS app. An Android version will be available by September and computer desktop versions by the end of 2014. Files can be sourced from computer, attached hard drive or even a streaming service. The Aries plays nice with DSD, double DSD, DXD and of course 24/196 output. The new digital bridge even allows for USB output (via Aurlic’s patented ActiveUSB technology) to remotely located DAC.

The steamer will be available in the US in June in two versions, Aries and Aries LX. The Aries includes two Fetmo clocks and a superior PSU for $1,599, while the Aries LE version has a standard external PSU and USB clocks for $999.


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