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The Audiophile Black Friday and Cyber Monday Guide 2018

Audiophile Black Friday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales for Audiophiles

Our latest update for 2021 is live! Check out all the deals for this year right here in our Guide For Audiophiles.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales for audio are here again. We’ve compiled a list of everything you will need to know about audiophile Black Friday oriented discounts leading up to (and including) the big holiday shenanigans. Headphones, speakers, amplifiers and more are all included and will be updated as the offers roll in so check back whenever the buying spirit (or discount devil) moves you.

Loudspeaker Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales

Who doesn’t love a little speaker love around the holidays? We found some good treats to share with family and friends, maybe even enough reason to dust off a few old christmas albums… or not.

Wyred 4 Sound – Holiday Discounts

SVS – Subwoofer Discounts, SB12-NSD $280 off and PB12-NSD $300 off

KEF – LS50 Mini Monitor for a Grand

Elac – Un-fi UB5 Bookshelf $350, $150 off

Zu Audio – Black Friday Sales For Select Items (starts 11/23)

Audioengine – 20% off entire product line (11/22 – 11/26)

PeachTree – Free Deep Blue Sky w. Purchase of Nova500 Amplifier

Klipsch – R-120SW Subwoofer $225

Polk – T15 Bookself $49

Listen Up (Focal, Marantz, AudioQuest) – Black Friday Pricing

LTA – 10% off assorted products including Ultralinear & ZOTL40 amps

Klipsch – Black And Copper Friday Pricing

Studio Electric – Loudspeaker Sale Pricing and Demo Deals

Music Direct – 15% off music (includes SACDs and Vinyl), use code BN15

Cary Audio – 25% off, use code BLACKFRIDAY (11/23 only)

Redgum Audio – 25% off, use code “HAPPY BIRTHDAY”

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Discounts for Headphones

The sales look good this year for personal audio. Many HiFi manufacturers are offering lower pricing direct to consumers, as well as the usual dog-and-pony show from Amazon and others. If you worried about a big purchase overall, check out our how to guide for headphone shopping.

HiFiMAN – Discounts up to 50% on select products

Woo Audio – 10% off all Woo products and free shipping in CONUS

ZMF Headphones – Used, B and one-off sale

RHA Audio – 25% off the MA750 Wireless IEM

Sonarworks – 40% off True-Fi Software (11/23-11/26)

Puro Sound Labs – BT2200 Headphone $74.99 (starts 11/17)

Ultimate Ears – Free BT Cable & Premium Faceplates w. code UEBKF18

Plus Sound – 20% Off Earphones, Cables and Amps (starts 11/22)

Clear Tune Monitors – 20% off Customs, 40% off Vintage Series Universal (11/19-11/26)

Astell & Kern Digital Players – Holiday Promotions

V-Moda – CrossFade Wireless $115

Adorama – HiFiMAN HE-560 V2 for $249.99

JH Audio – 20% off Custom IEMs and Accessories

Noble Audio – 15% off CIEMs, 20% off UIEMs

1More – Triple Driver IEM $59.99 ($40 off), Quad Driver $129.99 ($70 off)

Audeze – Black Friday B-Stock Sale

Sennheiser – Black Friday Pricing

ALO Audio – Sale Pricing

Campfire Audio – Free Balanced Litz Cable with purchase of earphone

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales for Cables

Whether you love them or you hate them, audiophile cables still have their place in the audiophile world… preferably secured tightly between two high fidelity components. While the bigger pricetags for hifi brands sometime deter newcomers in the hobby, that also means more room for bigger discounts on Black Friday.

Merrill Audio – 40% off the ANAP XLR/XLR 1.5M cable (use code B18AH at checkout)

Anti Cables – 15% off sitewide, use code thankful18

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