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Are Large Number, Multi-BA Driver IEMs Dead? AK and Jerry Harvey Say “NAY!”

Astell and Kern Jerry Harvey Layla AION

In the world of high end in-ears hybrid designs are all the rage. 6-9mm dynamic drivers coupled with balanced armature or even “tri-brid” eletrocstatic options are starting to crop up across audio shows and in product releases. Jerry Harvey Audio (universal fits distributed by DAP-maker Astell and Kern) has a new update to their flagship Layla model incorporating new bits to everything but the drivers and signature curve.

Keeping the original internal design mostly intact translates to a more “traditional” 12 proprietary BA drivers per side – 4 low, 4 high and 4 mid. Inside there is a 3D molded tube structure that looks fairly well thought out to minimize size and help fit, as the original Layla was a little bulky with all those drivers to house. The outer shell has been revisited as well, comprised of a CNC’d block of carbon fiber and a new locking 7-pin connector. Being a high end piece, the wire is also updated to a silver-plated OFC Litz option which promises to take care of any oxidation issues that can sometime discolor cables and cause other problems.

The first Layla model launched in 2014, but has gone through two limited edition phases under the Astell and Kern banner. This variant is part of a new line called AION and is expected to start pre orders on September 2 with a projected release date a week later. Retail price of the flagship Layla AION will be $3,499.

Interested parties may want to take a gander at the video below, more details and information straight from Jerry and the team are available within.

More info: Astell&Kern

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