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ampsandsound’s new kenzie encore

Justin Weber’s ampsandsound continues to grow its momentum within the personal audio scene. Currently positioning 4 headphone amplifiers toward the market, the wood-sides-with-upright-tube look is a classic aesthetic for many who have seen the hobby change to a much larger beast from its humble beginnings. Among the announcements Justin was showcasing at CanJam this year was an new upgrade option for his $2k DHT/SET amp called the Kenzie Encore.

Justin has been listening to feedback from the community and has made some new changes already to the layout (some of the 3.5mm headphone jacks have been relocated to the front of the panel). Now he’s adding a little more flexibility to the individual specs. Input transformers, caps, pre amp stage and many other components can be fully customized to taste for consumers for additional cost. The options are bountiful, but tubes aren’t the focus…yet. Justin will point you in the right direction with recommendations and feedback, but they don’t currently offer an upgrade path for glass.

Check out the ampandsound site for the full download on all the amp configurations they currently offer. There is also a host of 5 two-channel amps available, some of which can double as a headphone amplifier along the way.

You can see more details from the show in the video embed below.


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