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A List Of All The Black Friday Deals For Audiophiles 2023

Black Friday Audiophile 2023

This year we have partnered with to bring you the best of the best of the best Black Friday deals for Audiophiles. The early turnout for deals for the holiday sales season was very surprising this year. More brands and retailers in the Hifi space started their promotions as soon last last week.

Below you will find a few of our favorites from the list, but if you want to see the whole master list you can jog over to PTA to check out all the links and discount codes, which will be updated periodically over the week. The first big special is the PTA Solid Bronze record weight, on discount for it first and last sale ever. PTA Bronze Record Weight $25 off with code BlackFriyay2023

Full List of Audiophile Black Friday 2023 Deals (PTA)

This BF deal from Focal and Naim is pretty big in terms of the scope. From the PR release:

20%* off on all home products, including:

Available for purchase: Amazon, Focal, Gramophone: Focal Naim, Crutchfield: Focal Home Speakers Focal Headphone Naim

*The promotion is valid on all home products, except Focal Utopia, Sopra and Aria speakers, Naim Mu-so 2nd Generation, Statement and Naim 200-300-500 Series.

One of our favorite closed back headphones in the $300 range has always been the Meze 99 series. You can see our review of the unit from way back in 2016, and it’s still one of our favorites. Starting November 23, the price drops 30% for a doorbuster of sorts Black Friday sale – 99 Classics ($219 from $309) & 99 Neo ($139 from $199).

Meze Audio – 30% off 99 Classics And 99 Neo

This one was a bit more of a surprise for our Black Friday Audiophile 2023 guide, as the total buy-in for the deal requires a $3798 investment minimum, but for anyone who has been eyeing the reputable brand Benchmark will attest, was probably worth the wait. In addition to their stellar DAC selection, which fits in the professional smaller rack size, the company has expanded to dedicated headphone amplifiers, line stages and the AHB2 power amplifier for more consumer usage.

Benchmark – Buy Two Components And Save 10%

This Wharfedale sale includes a bunch of bang-for-your-buck speaker options including the vintage inspired Denton 85 and Linton.

Wharfedale – Diamond, EVO4, Elysian and Heritage Series on Sale

Denton 85 $999 $899
Linton W/ Stands $1,799 $1,499

Diamond 12.0 $349 $199
Diamond 12.1 $449 $299
Diamond 12.2 $599 $449
Diamond 12.4 $1,298 $749
Diamond 12.C $349 $225
Diamond 12.C White $349 $199

EVO4.1 $799 $699
EVO4.2 W/ Stands $1,548 $1,199
EVO4.2 $1,199 $999
EVO4.3 $1,698 $1,298
EVO4.4 $2,198 $1,798
EVO4C $899 $799
EVO4C.S $699 $599
EVO4S $1,598 $1,199

Elysian 1 W/ Stands $5,495 $3,995
Elysian 2 W/Stands $7,794 $5,995
Elysian 3 $8,495 $7,995
Elysian 4 $9,995 $8,995

Budget friendly Schiit Audio rarely goes on sale, in fact, they don’t really use the word “sale” in anything they do all year. This year they have a landing page filled with B stock and Closeout stuff and four individually priced product variants. Schiit Audio B Stock –  Magni+ $79Valhalla $299Aegir $699Yggdrasil+ GS2 $1,699

The full list of Deals for Audiophiles on PTA

In addition to our Audiophile Black Friday 2023 Guide you can also check out The Occasional Podcast for more audio education, interviews and news on iTunesAndroid,Google, Deezer, SpotifyiHeartRadio or anywhere you find your favorite podcasts.

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