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1MORE Goes One More with the Quad Driver – CES 2017

Headphone manufacturer 1MORE had a lot to talk about at CES this year. The company prides itself on producing “market distributive” products priced to move against a backdrop of audiophile costs that rise predictably year over year. Last year was all about the Triple Driver IEM, a hybrid dynamic and BA driver earphone that hit the market at a mere $99. This year the product talk literally went one more, with the Quad Driver adding another BA driver to the mix for a total of 4 in the new In-Ear.

Aside from price, one of the features that set apart last year’s Triple Driver was its comfort. The way the IEM rested in the ear was shockingly different and less stressful that many other company’s attempts at this price point. The Quad promises to follow suit in this regard, offering up 1 dynamic driver and 3 BAs piled into relatively small shell that shares much of the same design queues from the Triple.

Packaging also retains the book-like theme for the Quad, with plenty of accessories to help get the perfect fit for the right listen. The new earphone is tentatively scheduled to release at $200 in the month of February. In addition to the new IEM, 1MORE is currently working on a few accessories to bring the entire line up to speed with the current iPhone trend. Consumers can also expect updates to the Triple Driver and ANC Dual Driver in the form of a Lighting cable as well as an updated MK802 Bluetooth Over Ear.

Hiding in the corner of the 1MORE booth at Pepcon was an early prototype of the Triple Driver Over Ear headphone which employs piezo ceramic tweeters to perform a multi driver experience in the around-the-ear fashion. No word yet on release date or pricing, but definitely something to keep an eye out for in the coming months.

All in all there was quite a bit to take in at the company booth, 1MORE even had a speciality version of their over ear headphone decked out from head to toe in 5,228 Swarovski crystals, dressed up pretty just for the occasion. David Kellogg from 1MORE gave us the lowdown one the new Quad Driver in person at Pepcon, you can check it all out in the embed below.



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